Who We Are

Specialists in plastic injection moulding. In addition to our technical expertise, our experience in the field, as well as our access to modern facilities with automated processes can help us manufacture quality plastic products for various industrial purposes.

Our team specializes in product manufacturing in all its forms. Our company, which has been operating Since 2001, provides high-quality injection moulded plastic products to local South African markets.


Management, supervisors, administrators, and field employees take safety into account when making decisions in every aspect of their work. Every action we take as a manufacturer is aimed at ensuring safety.


We strive to continuously reduce our waste and carbon footprint, as well as to promote environmental initiatives to limit our environmental impact.

Customer Commitment

In order to meet and exceed customer expectations, we strive to provide an unsurpassed level of service, reliability, accountability, and responsiveness.


Through ongoing coaching and mentoring, we establish a culture of unity and openness within our team, so we can grow and improve as an organisation.


Every action we take is responsible. At the core of everything we do is accountability and responsibility.